Apple Dips on Earnings | Business Investor Daily

Apple Dips on Earnings |  Business Investor Daily

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is still in bullish mode through the end of July, with the stock market pulling back from its 2023 highs. The best Dow Jones stocks to buy and watch in August 2023 are apple (AAPL), Boeing (Bachelor’s), Larva (cat), Microsoft (MSFT) And sales force (CRM).


There are clear winners and losers at the beginning of August. The top three top-performing stocks this year through July 31 were Salesforce, Apple, and Microsoft, posting gains of 69.7%, 51.2%, and 40.1%, respectively.

It was the three worst Dow stocks through July 2023 Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), Amgen (AMGN) And Verizon connections (VZ), with similar decreases of 19.8%, 13.5%, and 10.9%.

The tech-focused Nasdaq is up 37.1% through July 31, and the S&P 500 is up 19.5%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 7.3% year-to-date.

What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Founded in 1896 and comprising 12 stocks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is one of the oldest stock market indices. There are 30 Dow Jones stocks designed to lead the US public stock market. Other major stock indices include the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite and the S&P 500 – an index of the 500 largest companies in the United States.

Best Dow Jones stocks to watch

Company Name Code final price performance to date
apple (AAPL) 196.45 + 51.2%
Boeing (Bachelor’s) 238.85 +25.4%
Larva (cat) 265.17 +10.7%
sales force (CRM) 225.01 +69.7%
Microsoft (MSFT) 335.92 +40.1%
Source: IBD data as of July 31, 2023

Amid the current stock market bullish trend – according to the IBD Big Picture – investors should focus on large stocks that are showing strong relative strength. These may continue to be the market leaders in 2023 if the Dow Jones Industrial Average is able to extend recent gains.

The best Dow Jones stocks to buy and watch in August near points of purchase include Apple, Boeing, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Caterpillar.

ETF stock market strategy and how to invest

Apple Stock

Apple fell on Thursday, holding near recent lows. Stocks have fallen sharply from the 50-day line. While AAPL stock is still above a buy point of 157.38, the recent weakness was a sell signal, which means that investors should lock in gains. Shares lost 0.2% on Friday, hitting a new recent low.

According to the IBD stock checkAnd Apple stock offers A 90 of the 99 best possible IBD composite ratings. The composite rating—an easy way to identify top-growth stocks—is a combination of key fundamental and technical metrics to help investors gauge a stock’s strengths.

Boeing Stock is the flagship Dow Jones stock

Boeing rallied on Thursday, still outside the buy range above 223.91 buy points for the flat base, according to IBD MarketSmith pattern recognition.

Boeing shares fell 0.9 percent on Friday.

microsoft stock

Shares of Microsoft have risen above the steady base buy point of 276.86 and have been out of the buy range in recent months.

In recent weeks, Microsoft shares have plunged after the software giant offered disappointing sales forecasts and revealed increased capital spending requirements for its artificial intelligence initiatives. However, the company beat expectations for its fiscal fourth quarter, thanks to continued growth in its cloud computing business.

Shares fell 0.7% on Friday, below the 50-day line.

The latest Salesforce hack failed

Salesforce has shed its steady entry of 225.00, as analyzed by IBD Leaderboard, in recent sessions.

CRM stocks rose on Friday. On Wednesday, the stock triggered a sell signal 7% below its last buy point.

stock caterpillar

Caterpillar stock remains outside the buy range by over 250.89 buy points in a cup with a handle after the company’s earnings results beat expectations.

CAT stock rose 0.4% on Friday.

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